Celestial Mechanics and the Lords of Order

The motions of the sun, the moon, and the stars are evidence of the efforts of the pantheon to establish an orderly universe, and to diminish chaos. Likewise; meteors, eclipses, and comets are disruptions in the cosmic order caused by the forces of chaos on the edges nibbling on the world. In addition to the low impact implications of this (church astrologers!), there are high … Continue reading Celestial Mechanics and the Lords of Order

Clerics and “Reversible” Spells

There are no “Of Balance” or “of Chaos” clerics, only those “of Law”(1). The reversed versions of the Cleric spells form the basis of the Necromancer spell lists, in addition to the Animate Dead (3rd level) spell. Clerics do not have the ability or option to cast these spells, much less risk the displeasure of their pantheon should they do so. Continue reading Clerics and “Reversible” Spells


Alignments are not elective philosophies, that if you fail to choose you inherit “neutral/selfish”. They are Faiths. They determine the values you hold in life, what you believe the role of mankind is upon the world, and they very much are directly relevant to what happens when you die. If you stray too far from your Alignment, the Labyrinth Lord will not assign a new Alignment. You will be ostracized by those of your current Alignment, those with the ability to detect Alignment will be able to tell that you have lapsed, and those of opposing Alignments will target you for conversion (or sacrifice, as it happens). Continue reading Alignment