The Kingdom of Dyfed

The Kingdom of Dyfed (Welsh pronunciation: [‘dəvɛd]) is one of several Welsh petty kingdoms that emerged in 5th-century sub-Roman Britain in southwest Wales based on the former territory of the Demetae (modern Welsh Dyfed). In the year 360, a sudden series of coordinated raids by the Irish, Anglo-Saxons and Picts began.[citation needed] These continued as the Irish colonised the Isle of Man (formerly Brittonic-speaking like … Continue reading The Kingdom of Dyfed

The Teeth of Danu

The “Teeth of Danu” (Common) / Tuatha Dé Danann (Gaelic) / People of Nature (literal) are the Ellyllon (specifically Solar elves) rulers of Hibernia / Īveriū. In Lyonesse, they have claimed the Kingdom of Dyfed from lands that were once an imperial province. They are tall, bright, attractive, and fierce opponents in battle. Their offspring of mixed race are sometimes know decisively as “half-elves”, and … Continue reading The Teeth of Danu