Emain Ablach Session Two

Day Eight:

Looking around the group of two Bravos and two shieldmen, it’s decided that this configuration was insufficient for the Caves of Doom on the two previous expeditions, so additional reinforcements are needed. The veteran, wounded, Bravo seeks healing at the small Imperial Church church in the village, and receives it. Upon hearing how the Bravo was wounded, one of the minor clerics is inspired to join the quest (bring along a donkey that belongs to the church for freight, and one of the faithful to protect it). Likewise, another adventurous youth is recruited from the Traveling People (which brings the total number of Bravos in the group to three).

The eight (including the donkey and the guard) head out in early morning, northeast towards the cavern, the veteran shieldman leading the way. In the afternoon, they arrive within a few hundred yards of the cavern, and basecamp is established.

Late into the overnight watches, snarling and snapping of a nearby predator rouses the entire camp. Defensive positions are taken, but trouble never comes (and none goes seeking it).

Day Nine:

Leaving the donkey and the temple guard to the basecamp; the Bravos, Cleric, and Shieldmen approach the cavern entrance cautiously. While the barricade at the entrance remains, it is currently unmanned (“unkobolded”?). One of the Bravos sweeps wide stealthily to cover the main party with their bow, while the rest advance in a single group.

Advancing several dozen yards into the cavern to where the true darkness begins, a tripwire extending from a central column of rock supporting the ceiling is observed, but investigation does not reveal its effect.


  • Monsters Defeated: None
  • Treasure Invested: None
  • Dangerous Areas Mapped: None / In progress

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