Alternate History

The geography of the setting is broadly informed by mythical Europe; the history of the setting is broadly similar to Earth, but took a left turn at the Neolithic to include the broad assumption of the game system (OSR Dungeons and Dragons) and the setting implications already discussed (for instance: the powers of Law, Chaos, and Neutrality).


  • The time of the Akkadian Empire (23 centuries BC) through the “collapse” of the Holy Empire in what would be our 475AD.
  • The Akkadian Empire was the precursor to what would become the Holy Empire.
    • In the first millennia, their major rival was the Kingdom of Kemet, and the Chaos Aspected cultists who ruled it.
    • In the second millennia, their major rivals were the Achaeans, and the Nature oriented demigods (what would later be considered “of the Balance”) that they worshiped.
    • In the third millennia, the Holy Empire reached as far from the beachhead of Rome as the Gaulish territories and Albion.
    • Which was the high water mark on the western frontier of the Holy Empire in 2775IY: in the South, the red deserts; in the East the Harrapan Mountains; in the north the frozen tundra Half-Elven Varangians and the stonehomes of the Dwarves.
  • The scientific and alchemic knowledge of the Natural Philosophers within the Church combine to give mid eighteenth levels of individual artisan crafted technology. No gunpowder or internal combustion, but the practical (mechanical) works envisioned by Pythagoras and da Vinci are achievable on the individual scale.
    • The Imperial Legion was still fielding armies outfitted in Bronze Plate (equivalent to Banded Mail) and iron blades at the time of the collapse.

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