Halflings are even smaller than dwarves, being about 60 pounds and only attaining a height of around 3 feet. They are as diverse in appearance as humans, but have furry feet and curly hair. Halflings have a gentle nature, and value free time, good food, and good drink. They will engage in playful activities when not on an adventure. They love comfort, and will spend their riches on the most extravagant items.

Typical halfling villages may have a population as small as 30 and up to 300 (3 x 1d10 x 10). Every village has one leader, whose level will be determined by rolling 1d6+1. A village will also have a militia consisting of 5d4 individuals of 2 HD each. The hoard class XXI represents the amount of treasure present if encountering halflings in the wilderness.

Labyrinth Lord Complete

Not exactly. Locally, halflings are also known as “Picts” and their homeland is the Hebrides in the nearby region of Caledonia. Along with the Elves and the Dwarves, they were the original inhabitants of Albion and Ierne.

Halflings possess their own sense of culture which is frequently centered on the sea and coastal raiding. They make frequent appearances in the histories of their neighbors as savage and violent killers. And yes, extensive tattoos are a hallmark of their corsairs.

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