• Upkeep Cost: 1,000 SC/month
  • Wage: 500 SC/month
  • Initial Equipment: A fully equipped lab costs 1,000 SC.

Alchemists are valuable specialists because they dedicate their expertise to creating potions and other concoctions. As a result, when reproducing a potion based on a sample deduct the cost and time involved by half of what it would take a magic-user. However, it takes them twice as long at twice the cost to research and create new potions.

Labyrinth Lord


Although potions can be found in a variety of types of containers, including glass, ceramic, or metal flasks, most contain only one dose that imbues their potion’s particular effects for one individual. Most potions bear no label and require a small amount to be sampled in order to attempt to identify the potion type. This is not without error, however, because potions of the same type may differ in their aroma or taste depending on how they were made.

Labyrinth Lord

In ancient Mesopotamian myth, it was believed that the gods created humankind to cultivate the soil and make sure that the gods – by means of sacrifice – would receive their meals. However, the first people did not really understand how to perform the tasks they were supposed to perform, and therefore, the gods sent the Apkallū, the seven sages, as teachers. These creatures came to the human world from the sea.

Alchemists may be of Law, of Chaos, of the Balance, or Unaligned; all study the works of the Apkallū. Given their fees and upkeep requirements, the odds of encountering one available for hire at less than a major metropolitan center are slim to none. Those encountered in the wild *not* available for hire are rarely a beneficial surprise.

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