Rough Timeline

Fall of the Third Dynasty of Ur to the forces of Chaos (-2000 BCE)

First Millennium: Kingdom of Mât Akkadî (the country of Akkad)

Mât Akkadî’s major rival was the Kingdom of Kemet (and the Chaos Aspected cultists who ruled it)

  • 1 YE: Amorite Dynasty of Mât Akkadî (1875 BCE)
  • 281 YE: Kassite Dynasty of Mât Akkadî established under Agum-Kakrîme (1595 BCE)
  • 750 YE: IIsin Dynasty of Mât Akkadî established under Nebuchadnezzar (1126 BCE)
  • 1173 YE: Marduk-apla-iddin  begins war with Assyrian Empire (703 BCE)

Second Millennium: Neo-Babylonian Empire

The Neo-Babylonian major rivals were the Achaeans, and the Nature oriented demigods (what would later be considered “of the Balance”) that they worshiped.

  • 1264 YE: Nabopolassar defats the Assyrians (612 BCE)
  • 1337 YE King Cyrus the Great, defeats Nabonidus (539)
  • Achaemenid Dynasty, whose territories (Persis, Egypt, Achaea, Macedonia, Armenia, Libya, Punjab, Bactria, Ethiopia, Arabia, Scythia, thrace, etc.) are ruled locally as satrapies.
  • 1363 YE: Darius begins the buildup of Byzantium as a major military center of operations
  • 1396 YE: Campaign against the Achaens, under Xerxes (480 BCE)
  • 1551 YE: Conquest of Asia Minor, under Alexander (334-325 BCE)
  • 1574 YE: Seleucus established ruling Dynasty (302 BCE)
  • 1688 YE: Parthian Dynasty under Mithradates the Great (188 BCE)

Holy Empire of Byzantium

  • 1812 YE: Capital City of the Neo-Babylonian Empire moved to Byzantium, at the center of the world (64 BCE)
  • 1823 YE: Wars with Rome (53 BCE onwards) 

Third Millennium: Iron Age, War of Tears

  • 2001YE +

In the third millennia, the Holy Empire reached as far from the beachhead of Parais as the Gaulish territories and Albion. Which was the high water mark on the western frontier of the Holy Empire: in the South, the red deserts; in the East the Harrapan Mountains; in the north the frozen tundra Half-Elven Varangians and the stonehomes of the Dwarves.

  • 2351 YE:  The empire collapses into factional conflict when the God-King (and last known heir to the lineage of Anu) fell in battle against the ravening hordes of chaos and their demonic generals (475 CE)
  • 2375 YE: It’s been a generation of conflict and strife, and the furthest edges of the empire were the first to fall into secessionist feudal kingdoms (“The Young Kingdoms”, generally).

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