Emain Ablach Session Three

Previously on Day Nine:

Leaving the donkey and the temple guard to the basecamp; the Bravos, Cleric, and Shieldmen approach the cavern entrance cautiously. While the barricade at the entrance remains, it is currently unmanned (“unkobolded”?). One of the Bravos sweeps wide stealthily to cover the main party with their bow, while the rest advance in a single group.


It is the third hour of the first Day Watch. One of the Rogues attempts to “disarm” the trip wire that extends eastward from one of the central columns, and succeeds. The group cautiously explores to the east (chasing the edges of torchlight), and maneuvers down a gently sloping side passage that leads to a circular room roughly 60 foot in diameter, supported by a pair of central columns.

This is apparently the sleeping quarters for upwards of fifty kobolds, eight of whom are still in residence. They attack in two waves; some armed with spiked clubs and some armed with stone daggers. They prove a weak enough threat that though outnumbered, the heroes defeat all eight without taking any casualties of their own.

As the adventurers begin to more closely examine their surroundings, the mighty war horn (‘a warbling, tinny sounding bugle”) sounds to the west, the direction of the main cavern. It seems the battle is not yet quit…


  • Monsters Defeated: 4 kobolds, 4 kobold warriors (divided between 3 adventurers and two hirelings – the cleric missed this session)
  • Treasure Invested: None
  • Dangerous Areas Mapped: None / In progress
Erol Otus, man

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