Meet the Anunnaki

The Sumerian “Seven gods who decree” your fate in the city of the dead are: An, Enlil, Enki, Ninhursag, Nanna, Utu, and Inanna.

  • An is the Babylonian Anu. Patron of the nobility, and (literally) patriarchy. The god-kings of the Holy Empire have his blood flowing in their veins. Also, fun fact, where the “Anu” at the beginning of “Anunakki” comes from.
  • Enlil is the Babylonian Elil. Patron of agriculture, and the serfs of the Holy Empire. His celestial presence was reflected in the constellations in the northern sky.
  • Enki is the Babylonian Ea. Patron of the crafts and trades (including the not so honest ones), and the merchant class of the Holy Empire. His celestial presence was reflected in the constellations of the southern sky. His spouse was Nirhursag.
  • Ninhursag (or Ki) is the Babylonian Antu, and is known in the Western lands as Juno. Ninhursag was connected with all aspects of the life of women, most particularly married life, fertility, and matriarchy. Ninhursag’s spouse was Enki. Ki’s spouse was An, and Enki was descended from her. I dunno, man. Anyway, the “ki” at the end of “Anunnaki”? That’s her
  • Nanna is the Babylonian Sin. Patron of Lunar activity, and “the Lord of Wisdom”. Not a lot there, is there?
  • Utu is the twin brother of Inanna, and the Sumerian god of justice, morality, and truth . Eastern Semitic folks called him Shumash. I don’t see hide nor hair of him in Babylonian mythology, so I’m pretty sure he gets superseded by Marduk / Mithras.
  • Inanna is the Babylonian Ishtar, or modern mythological era Venus. Patron of women, childbirth, and the city of Parais.

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