The Saexa Menace, Episode Nine


Erdudfyl (Etouffee), the Ranger
Meurig (Presto), the Wizard

Missing in Action

Inghinn (Elvira), the Thief; Tristan (“the poxy Bard”), Bard; Shank (a very private person), the Thief


Play starts in the hills between Cantref Selyf and into Cantref Mawr

Ifan the Black, Bandit with a Bounty on his head
Wanted for banditry, slaughter, and crimes against the gods.
Ifan is new to the area, increasingly infamous.
Presto knows of a magical treasure, defended by an unnatural threat.
Rumors of the undead coming from the hills to the west. (“West” is western side of Cantref Elfael)
Undead are known to fear the sun. Some may lair underground, some may lair in dense wilderness.

The day is spent tracking and following a white stag southwest over the Rive Wye into Cantrev Selyf via wilderness paths. Along the way, Shank’s pony is lost, along with a substantial portion of adventuring goods. And when the party awakens the following morning, Shanks gear and clothing is left behind in a neatly folded pile; but no trace remains of the Thief otherwise.


Eleventh through Twelfth Day of the Spring Season (1 day until the Budding New Moon), Year 2375 of the Imperial Calendar.

Erdudfyl and Meurig continue to track the white stag southward through Cantref Selyf and into Cantref Mawr. The pass upriver of the town of Aberhonndu (across the river Usk), into the foothills of the Devil’s Beacon mountains. The weather stays wet, but adds a miserable level of cold as well. Meurig bundles up, but Erdufyl focuses on speed and progress, which nearly leads to disaster as she hits a slippery bit of rock, and slides a bowshot’s distance towards a ravine before catching herself and resuming progress (the worse for wear).

In the middle hours of the night, Erdudful and Meurig find themselves surrounded by nearly human figures in primitive attire and colorful masks. The leader introduces herself as Elspeth of Eglantine, and tells the pair that they have been expected, and offers to lead them the rest of the way to the grove, safety and warmth for the remained of the night. After consulting the omens, Erdudfyl and Meurig agree.

The settlement of Eglantine Grove is populated by the Ellyllon (Lunar elves and the changelings, in this case). It is a idyllic rural scene with pleasant cottages integrated into the hillsides, old growth trees, and everywhere oak, ash, and thorn. After taking their comfort in a snug cottage for the night, Erdudfyl and Meurig take the midday meal with what seems to be the entire community (although it seems the Ellyllon are lightly provisioned with the elderly or children, there seems to be no pervasive sadness their wood be in human Cymru communities).

Elspeth has a simple proposal for Erdudfyl. Journey to the village of Ruiger Moor, which has cut off contact with the grove for more than a week. Find out what curse afflicts the town, and if possible, resolve it. For this, the group will receive the favor of the Druids of Eglantine Grove. As assistance, two of the changeling youths (Áron and Adhamh) will provide guidance and assistance.

Erdudfyl agrees; and Erdudfyl, Meurig, Áron, and Adhamh depart shortly thereafter to try to arrive in the village before the sun sets ushering in the darkest night of the month. And there is thunder in the mountains…

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