It’s been a generation since the Eastern Empire and their Sun-King has fallen, and the light of civilization with it. In the West, the kingdom of Lethowsow was one of the seven fabled realms of the Fair Folk before the arrival of savage humans centuries ago. Now, the dwarves have abandoned their hidden underground strongholds, the elves have retreated to the deep woods, and the hills and dales of the halflings have been overrun by (mostly civilized) hobgoblins.

The Age of Order and bronze, has drawn to an end. The Age of blood and iron is at hand.

The village of Langawode is at the edge of the deep woods, located between the mountain to the north, and the sea to the south. The village has a mill, a blacksmith, a church (for those who follow the Eastern religion), a publicke house, and several increasingly desperate merchant shops. Langawode is also the winter rest for a band of the traveling folk, who coexist with the villagers in peace (mostly).

First, the monsters assailed the merchant caravans, until commerce came to a standstill. Then, they begin abducting the traveling folk, to no great outcry (from anyone besides the traveling folk). Now, the daughters of gods-fearing villagers have been taken in the night.

Something needs to be done.

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