The Kingdom of Brycheiniog

Brycheiniog is the kingdom in Lyonesse most directly threatened by the hordes of chaos to the north in Powys. Lacking the strong imperial presence of the kingdoms to the south (Gwent and Glywysing), Brycheiniogn is a multicultral realm of free men, former imperial citizens, fair folk, and more than a few hobgoblins (the kingdom needs all the help it can get).

The survival of the kingdom depends on political alliance in the long term, but in the short term, heroes must rise to hold back the encroaching darkness long enough for that to happen. Needless to say, most of my default campaigns will be set in Brycheiniog. Now if I can just learn to pronounce it properly. Continue reading The Kingdom of Brycheiniog

Law, but not Of Law

Notable features of Welsh law include the collective responsibility of kindreds (Welsh: cenedl) for their members; the gavelkind inheritance of land among all and only male descendants; a status-based system of blood money (galanas); slavery and serfdom; the inability of foreigners to naturalize earlier than the fourth generation; and very lax treatment of divorce and legitimacy that scandalized the non-native clergy. Wikipedia In contrast to the former Imperial holdings of Lyonesse … Continue reading Law, but not Of Law

Settlement Alignment

While cities and imperial towns are inherently Of Law (civilization requires a ruling class, a religious class, and some sort of trade membership), not all of the towns, villages, and hamlets in Lyonesse are likewise aligned. Some are Unaligned, and a few are Of the Balance (the Druids usually give these away). There are no settlements larger than camps, dungeons, or forts that are Of … Continue reading Settlement Alignment

Imperial fortified towns and forts in Lyonesse

Abergavenny Brecon Brithdir Bryn-y-Gefeiliau Caer Gai Caergybi Caerhun Caerleon Caerphilly Cardiff Carmarthen Deva Gellygaer Llandovery Llanfor Llanio Loughor Neath Pen Llystyn Pen y Coed Penllwyn Pennal Penydarren Plas Adda Prestatyn Pumpsaint Segontium Tomen-y-Mur Trawscoed Usk These are the village, towns, and cities in which the Church (and the forces of Law) remains the strongest. There are independent (Unaligned) hamlets and villages that pay a varying … Continue reading Imperial fortified towns and forts in Lyonesse


It’s been a generation since the Eastern Empire and their Sun-King has fallen, and the light of civilization with it. In the West, the kingdom of Lethowsow was one of the seven fabled realms of the Fair Folk before the arrival of savage humans centuries ago. Now, the dwarves have abandoned their hidden underground strongholds, the elves have retreated to the deep woods, and the … Continue reading Prologue