Hobgoblins have pointed ears, and are thin, fey beings. They are very diverse in appearance, skin tones (although the tend to a sallow complexion), hair color, and eye color; much like humans. They typically weigh about 120 pounds and are between 5 and 5 ½ feet tall. A suspicious people, wary of outsiders; hobgoblins are users of magic and make talented thieves. They can wield any weapon and use leather armor, in addition to casting spells as a magic-user.

A hobgoblin’s prime requisites are INT and DEX, which are required to be 9 or higher. Hobgoblins have darkvision to sixty feet, but do not possess any particular keen senses otherwise.

Hobgoblin Level Progression
ExperienceLevelHit Dice (1d6)
               3,051 22
               6,001 33
             12,001 44
             24,001 55
             48,001 66
             96,001 77
           192,001 88
           374,001 99
           572,001 10+2hp only

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