In Sumerian and Akkadian mythology (and Mesopotamian mythology in general) Hanbi or Hanpa (more commonly known in western text) was the god of evil, god of all evil forces and the father of Pazuzu and Humbaba. Aside from his relationship with Pazuzu, very little is known of this figure.


Moderately mockable name (although certainly less so than Humbaba), the opportunity here is for a “father of evil” mythology, where usually the credit/blame is assigned to a fallen female figure (stay tuned for more on Lamashtu, I suppose). Given the demotion we’re giving to Humbaba to a class of demons, may do the same thing to Pazuzu (which would explain some of the name confusion in that case). Or I may reskin one of the Chaos Gods / primal monsters as Hanbi, or make “Hanbi” a title rather than name

For the unlikely event my players make it past the “oh, no, kobolds!” stage. But even Jorune had to start someplace, I suppose.

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