Language and Literacy

Intelligence (INT) determines how well a character learns, remembers, and reasons. This ability is important for magic-users and elves.

Labyrinth Lord

Score Additional Languages Language Proficiency

  • 3 0 Unable to read or write, broken speech
  • 4-5 0 Unable to read or write
  • 6-8 0 Partial ability to write
  • 9-12 0 Able to read and write
  • 13-15 +1 Able to read and write
  • 16-17 +2 Able to read and write
  • 18 +3 Able to read and write

This is optimistic. Intelligence of 6-8 indicates “Unable to read or write”, and Intelligence of 9-12 indicates “Partial ability to write (semi-literate).

Character Languages

All characters begin with the common tongue and their alignment language. Some classes grant further languages, and characters with high intelligence receive additional languages. Additional languages can be chosen at the Labyrinth Lord’s discretion. In general, any races or monsters capable of language have their own language. Most monsters have at least a 20% probability of speaking their own language and the common tongue. When we refer to the common tongue, we are assuming this is a language common to all humans. However, the Labyrinth Lord may rule that different humans have different languages, in which case a particular human language must be chosen rather than a common tongue.

Labyrinth Lord

“Of Law” and “Of Chaos” have alignment languages, while “Of Balance” and “Un-aligned” do not. The common tongue is also known as Parsik, the language of the Sasanian dynasty of the Holy Empire and the Orthodox Church, and is “common” to the far flung extents of the Holy Empire and its trading partners before it fell.

The Fair Folk of Albion (generally recognized as the Elves, Half-Elven, Halfling and Western Dwarf peoples) share a language, with regional variations, known as Gaelic. The human and near-human tribes native to the Isle of Man speak a derivation of the language known as Manx. This was formally supplanted by the common tongue as the far western borders of the Holy Empire encompassed Albion, although there are still isolated pockets of its use.

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