How much is that magic item worth?

Totally adapted from a different version of D&D. Notes: This uses the Minor, Medium, Major labels for magic treasure from Swords and Wizardry, but what kind of deranged lunatic starts all there class headings with the same letter? Madness. Also, while the “Creation Cost” is broken out in terms of coin, the Value for finished items is not, to discourage the assumption that shops exist … Continue reading How much is that magic item worth?


He appears in later iconography paired with Kusarikku, “Bull-Man”, a similar anthropomorphic character, as attendants to the god Šamaš. As one of the eleven spawn of Tiamat in the Enûma Eliš vanquished by Marduk, he was displayed as a trophy on doorways to ward off evil and later became an apotropaic figurine buried in buildings for a similar purpose. Continue reading Urudimmu